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Preparing for College: Linking K-12 Students to College

The K-12 Connections program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College helps high school students prepare for college and explore careers through the following programs:

Our vision is to collaborate with public and charter schools to prepare high school students for college and help students acquire the necessary skills to be successful in their college and professional careers.

Our mission is achieved via collaboration with Minnesota public and charter schools. The K-12 Connections department trains and educates students, teachers, counselors, administrators and parents on current labor market trends, college and career readiness standards and life skills that promote college and career success. We also provide hands-on learning opportunities for middle school students to explore the high wage and high demand jobs of the future.

Additionally, our K-12 Connections department provides ongoing professional development to high school teachers and counselors so that they can help their students meet college readiness standards, earn PSEO and concurrent college credits, take early Accuplacer assessment tests and complete summer college-readiness course work through the Jump Start to College program.



This fun movie was the result of hard work by the 13–17 year old students in the Filmmaking Bootcamp during the Career Exploration Summer Camps in 2013. Students wrote the script, handled the equipment and worked on the editing with guidance from a Cinema faculty member. 

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