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Program description

MCTC’s Education program, the only two-year pre-professional teacher program in Minneapolis, prepares you not only how to teach, but how transform society through innovative teaching methods. Experienced instructors help you research and develop culturally relevant teaching methods for diverse school environments and prepare you for the special challenges of urban teaching.

Program start and location

Students may begin in the fall or the spring. Classes take place in the Helland Center.

Degree options and requirements

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What you will learn

  • You will reflect on your own teacher identity as you investigate the impact of racism, classism and gender on the “achievement gap.”
  • You’ll not only learn about teaching, learning and the institution of schools, but you will learn about how to transform teaching, schools and our society.
  • You will conduct and document community-based research on best practices and theories in the field of education.

Points of pride

  • By the end of the program, you will have created an electronic portfolio highlighting your achievements in the program that can be used to secure a position as an associate educator and continue to develop as you work towards your teacher licensure.
  • Through strong partnerships with the Minneapolis Public Schools, you will have to opportunity to observe excellent teachers, tutor and mentor individual students and teach small groups of students throughout the two year program.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to practice with progressive models of education that imagines students as powerful and engaged citizens of our world.

Where you could work

  • Once you complete your Associate Degree, you’ll be able to work as an associate educators or child development technician.
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree and teaching licensure qualifies you to work as a teacher.

Potential job titles

  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Education Administrator
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  • Sociologist
  • Urban and Regional Planner
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Occupational outlook

After you complete the UTP program, the last two years of your baccalaureate degree, and licensure, you will find a wealth of job opportunities in the Twin Cities. In coming years, many retirements will occur in the Twin Cities Metro Area, where over half of Minnesota’s teaching force is located, leaving a huge need for urban teachers.

Beyond-the-classroom opportunities

MCTC works in partnership with urban communities and urban schools. As a result, these studies go beyond the classroom, allowing you to work with urban learners in the elementary and secondary schools.


This program is part of the School of Education.

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MCTC's Education program will prepare you to teach in diverse school environments using innovative teaching methods.

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