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Educational Programs

Graphic Design: Print Media


Program description

Do you want an exciting career that merges creativity with technology? MCTC’s Graphic Design program centers on the place where words meet images, where clear and purposeful communication meets aesthetic impact and where a range of human needs and desires reside. You will get hands-on experience from experienced instructors in a program that will open up a world for you in a fast-paced Graphic Design career.

Program start and location

Classes are held on MCTC’s downtown Minneapolis campus. Students are accepted into the program for fall, spring and summer terms. Classes are held on MCTC’s downtown Minneapolis campus.

Degree options and requirements

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What you will learn

  • The program’s experienced faculty members teach you how to visually communicate and prepare work for printed reproduction of catalogs, brochures, book jackets, advertisements, packaging and more.
  • Coursework covers visual problem solving, art/design principles and print production standards using design software.
  • You will learn how type, graphics, illustration and photography work together, and work under tight deadlines to create printed pieces and build a well-rounded portfolio.
  • Faculty members have developed numerous award-winning partnerships within the industry and community and you benefit in numerous ways from these alliances.

Points of pride

  • You will receive hands-on instruction from instructors using a curriculum that reflects current industry standards and which also keeps pace with the continually evolving nature of the graphic design field.
  • You will be part of a tight-knit community and build lasting relationships with each other students.  
  • The program’s award-winning faculty members combine years of real-world professional experience with academic training.

Where you could work

  • Advertising agencies
  • Art studios
  • Corporate art departments
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  • Government institutions
  • Graphic design firms
  • Marketing and public relations firms
  • Government and educational institutions
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Potential job titles

  • Graphic artist/designer
  • Art director
  • Creative director
  • Production artist

Occupational outlook

Nationally, employment of graphic designers is expected to grow by 13 percent, according to the Bureau of labor Statistics, which is about as fast as average for all occupations through 2018. Demand for graphic design is continuing to increase from advertisers and design firms, particularly in the realm of print- and Web-based marketing and promotional materials.

Beyond-the-classroom opportunities

  • You will have the opportunity to do a graphic design internship, where you will obtain supervised work experience that provides an important learning experience, as well as a useful link to the job market.
  • You may choose to join The Design Associates of Minneapolis Community and Technical College (DAM) Club, an eclectic group of aspiring designers who recognize that a little collaboration can go a long way. The club is a student chapter of the Minnesota AIGA, the professional association for design and is open to students pursuing design degrees at MCTC, including Graphic Design Print, Web and Interactive Design, Photography and more.


This program is part of the School of Design and the Arts.

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