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Business Office Technology


New students are no longer being accepted to the Administrative Assistant programs and the Legal Administrative Assistant program.

Program description

MCTC’s Business Office Technology program will help you develop proficiency in the technology, business and communication skills needed to provide administrative and technology support in business office and customer service settings. Courses cover the fundamentals of business technology and current software applications and provide hands-on training in keyboarding and Microsoft Office.

Program start and location

Students are accepted into this program during fall and spring semesters. Courses are taught on MCTC’s main campus.

Degree options and requirements

Please select the award below to view the degree options and requirements in the college catalog.

What you will learn

  • You will learn proficiency in computer, business and communication skills.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of business computers, business culture, written business communication, business presentations and current software applications.
  • You will learn problem-solving and team-building skills.
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  • You will get hands-on training in keyboarding skills and with current versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
  • You will learn how to use the Windows operating system and the basics of microcomputer system maintenance, applications and support (A.A.S. degree program).
  • You will learn key job-search skills including resume preparation and career portfolio construction.
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Points of pride

  • Equipped with sought-after administrative skills, you will be prepared to work for a broad range of employers and organizations.
  • MCTC offers flexible schedules and formats, with most courses offered either during the day or at night.
  • A council of industry representatives guides the program. You will gain valuable real-world experience during internships.

Where you could work

With a Computer Support Specialist certificate or degree:

  • Businesses of all types and sizes
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government agencies
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With Computer Support Specialist A.A.S. degree:

  • Computer support services companies
  • Computer training facilities and educational institutions
  • All business organizations
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Potential job titles

  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Administrative Assistant or Coordinator
  • Administrative Services Assistant
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  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Assistant or Manager
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Occupational outlook

While administrative and support jobs are expected to grow, these workers will assume more duties as automated machines and technology improve office productivity. Rapid growth is expected in temporary worker agencies, as well as the health care industries. The number of businesses using computers continues to grow. With more staff using computers, companies are hiring on-site computer support specialists to solve problems.


This program is part of the School of Business and Economics.

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