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Educational Programs

We’re here to get you there.

We provide the guided pathway

MCTC’s new “Schools Within a College” provides a guided pathway to help you reach your goals quickly and affordably, making sure you have a clear path to graduation or transfer and providing the support you need to stay on that path.

College can be overwhelming for many students, even those with previous experience taking college classes. MCTC’s innovative approach will help you navigate through your college experience. Educational programs have been organized into “Schools Within the College.” Whether you’re passionate about helping people, love to work with your hands or are driven by your creativity, you’ll become a part of a focused group of students, advisors and faculty within your School who share interests and have similar goals and who will partner with you to chart your educational path.

Undecided on a major? You can still enroll now.

It is difficult to choose a career path before learning more about yourself or a particular profession. Choosing a major/career path involves a series of steps and processes with the end goal of making a confident decision that aligns with your talents, values, and interests.

The MCTC Interest Assessment Tool will help you explore potential majors/programs at MCTC and their corresponding school areas.

To start, read each statement and select ‘Yes’ for the activities you like or ‘No’ for the activities you dislike; then, click ‘Submit’ to view your results. Your potential interest code will be displayed, along with possible MCTC programs that may interest you.

Please, keep in mind this is a starting point in exploring or confirming your interest areas. Prospective students should visit Educational-Opportunity-Center and current students should visit Career-Services for an in-depth career exploration.

Take the MCTC Interest Assessment now!

Once you pick the School that’s right for you, your first semester courses will help you begin exploring its pathways. Meanwhile, those credits will apply toward a degree within that School, reducing your time and cost to earn your degree. By taking a guided pathway of courses, you can start making immediate progress on your educational journey while keeping your options open for several majors within your School.

Planning to transfer to a four-year university?

If you know you want to earn an associate degree and then continue your education, choose one of MCTC’s guaranteed transfer pathways. When you earn an associate degree at MCTC or finish your general education courses according to the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, your credits will transfer to many four-year public and private institutions such as Metropolitan State University, Augsburg College, University of Minnesota. Even if you’re unsure about your major, you can follow the Auggie Plan with courses that fulfill requirements for more than 50 majors at Augsburg College.

MCTC is here to get you there.

Whether you’re interested in earning a certificate, diploma or two-year degree or are planning to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program, MCTC’s “Schools Within the College” structure will guide your path whether or not you’ve decided on a major area of study.

Continuing Education and Job Skills Development

MCTC also offers Continuing Education courses to allow you to take noncredit classes to advance your career or explore your interests without going through the admissions process. In addition, MCTC will collaborate with employers to provide Customized Training on campus or on location.