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Classes and events beginning at or after 3 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 22 at MCTC are cancelled due to inclement weather. Classes will resume tomorrow at their scheduled times.

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Nursing Assistant Home Health Aide Courses

Nursing Assistant Home Health Aide Courses at MCTC

Program description

Nursing assistants and home health aides are essential members of today’s healthcare teams, performing hands-on resident/client care and routine tasks for individuals of various ages and health conditions. MCTC’s program provides basic skills training, including the fundamentals of how to check and monitor vital signs and deal with a wide range of resident/client needs.

Program Start and Location

Courses are offered each semester. All courses are taught on MCTC’s downtown Minneapolis campus. Clinical visits are scheduled the final week of each course. Clinical courses may take place on early mornings, weekends, or evenings. Times vary and are subject to change! Please check with your instructor the first week of class to confirm clinical times and days.

Course Information

Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aid Course

This course will introduce you to the concepts of basic human needs, the health/illness continuum, and basic nursing skills in long-term care and the home-care environment. Skills will be taught in a simulated laboratory setting utilizing demonstration and role-playing. Upon successful completion of classroom studies, you will participate in a supervised clinical experience in a long-term care facility. Your presence is mandatory at all class and clinical hours to achieve a passing grade in the course.

This course meets the objectives of the Federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) and Minnesota Department of Health Requirements as detailed for educating the nursing assistant. Upon successful completion of the course and clinical, you will be prepared for the Nursing Assistant test out and, upon successful testing, will be placed on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry. Must be taken Pass/Fail.

The cost of the course is $1,050.00 for the non-credit course through Continuing Education and Workforce Development. This includes classroom and clinic hours (104 hours total), course fees, background check, administrative fees, as well as the Nursing Assistant Home Health Aid kit with books.

Acute Care Skills for Nursing Assistants

This course builds on the knowledge, skills and procedures learned in the basic, federally mandated nursing assistant curriculum and provides preparation for employment in acute-care settings. You will participate in the on-campus classroom and skills lab and attend a supervised clinical experience in a hospital. Please see Programs and Credentials pages in the catalog for other course requirements. Must be taken Pass/Fail.The cost is $600 for the non-credit course through Continuing Education and Workforce Development. This includes classroom and clinic hours, course fees, background check, administrative fees, as well as the Acute Care class materials.

Course Options

Students can take MCTC’s Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aid and Acute Care Skills for Nursing Assistants courses one of two ways. Students may enroll in a course for college credit through Academic Affairs or students may enroll in the non-credit option through the Continuing Education and Workforce Development department.

The credit course information offered through Academic Affairs can be found here.

The identical course is offered through Continuing Education and Workforce Development. To register for this non-credit option, students do not need to apply to become an MCTC student.

Not sure which option is right for you? Here are some things to consider:

  • The option through Continuing Education doesn’t require you to be a student or apply to the college.  
  • Participants who successfully complete the course through the Continuing Education office will NOT receive college credit, and instead receive Continuing Education Units also known as CEU’s.
  • Upon successful completion of either credit or non-credit course, students to be eligible to take the NATO test.
  • The continuing education course is not factored into a student’s grade point average or G.P.A.

Click here to register for the acute care class. To register for the Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aid course, please contact Elaine Vandenburgh, at Elaine.Vandenburgh@minneapolis.edu or call 612-659-6504.  

**Please note, once students have started their non-credit class, they cannot switch to the credit-bearing course and vice versa.**

Important Things to Know

The Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aid and Acute Care Skills credit and non-credit classes are the exact same course. The course cost is similar. Attendance is mandatory and taken as Pass/Fail. Credit courses will appear on a student’s academic transcript, where non-credit classes will not.

If you are currently employed in long-term care, check with your employer for tuition reimbursement options.


  • Background studies must be cleared through Department of Human Services prior to providing direct patient care in clinical.
  • Students must also provide a negative Mantoux or chest x-ray. Negative Mantoux results must not be older than 90 days on the last day of your clinical. If prior or current positive Mantoux, negative chest x-ray results must be provided to instructor before clinical may be attended.
  • Student registering for the Acute Care Skills class be on the current Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registration and have successfully completed NAHA 1819 or its equivalent.

If you have specific questions about the non-credit course offerings or course dates, times, or please contact Continuing Education and Workforce Development at 612-659-6500.