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Alumni and Foundation

Proudly MCTC.

Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign

You are the foundation of transformation at MCTC. Thank you for investing in our students. As an MCTC employee (past or present), you are one of the College’s greatest advocates. You help ensure MCTC continues to be a top place to study and work!

Your gift inspires others to give.

By making a gift to the MCTC Foundation, you showcase your belief in MCTC’s mission, vision and values, and actively support our long-standing culture of excellence and success. The more people who give, the greater the collective impact will be. It is hard to ask the community to support MCTC if we don’t believe in our work enough to invest in it ourselves. Corporations and foundations look for high levels of support from our faculty and staff when making funding decisions as well.

Why giving matters.
Giving matters because the success of MCTC matters. The generosity of our donors reflects an unwavering commitment to the College and a powerful belief in the potential within each student. Your gift will have an immediate impact and transform lives. The MCTC Foundation provides scholarships and emergency assistance awards to students in need every year. Help us eliminate financial barriers to our students’ educational dreams. Every bright future needs a strong foundation.

Yes! I would like to make a gift to the Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign.
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Contact Amy McCarthy at the MCTC Foundation office: amy.mccarthy@minneapolis.edu or 612.659.6313.

2017 Proudly MCTC

You are the heart of MCTC and every day you make a difference. Your dedicated work as faculty and staff shapes the lives of our students, ensures the vitality of the College and strengthens our community. You play a key role in carrying out the College’s mission of providing an accessible, diverse learning environment, rich with opportunities for our students.

Proudly MCTC. Our Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign has the bold goal of 100% participation. We can do this! Thank you for investing in our students.

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