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Application Deadline Exceptions

If you would like to apply for admission to MCTC after the application deadline, you may be considered for admission for the current term if you meet the following:

  • You are a transfer student or have previously attended college and you are in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher) without suspensions or financial holds on your transcript from previous institutions*
  • You are a dislocated worker participating in Work Force Center-funded services*
  • You are a returning military service veteran*
  • You are a non-degree seeking student (not receiving financial aid)*
  • You meet placement testing requirements
  • You have the ability to meet tuition payment requirements through financial aid, third party payment, or payment on your own

*Please provide your previous college transcripts if you meet one of these items listed above

Next steps if you meet the exception criteria

If you do not meet the application deadline exceptions, you can still apply. You will have plenty of time to prepare to begin classes during the next semester or session.