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Power of YOU Frequently Asked Questions

The Power of YOU (POY) is a program that can make your dream of attending college a possibility. POY will cover the cost of tuition and fees for two years or up to 72 attempted credits at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) through state and federal grants and private scholarships. Students have the opportunity to earn incentives, which can assist with the cost of books, transportation and meal cards.

No. We accept students from all Minnesota High Schools.

No. In order to be eligible for the program, you must graduate the same year as your fall enrollment into MCTC. (i.e., graduate spring 2018, start MCTC fall 2018)

No. At the time of application you must be in your senior year of high school and be expecting to receive your diploma.

Federal and State grants are applied to your tuition first along with mandatory student fees. The Power of YOU will cover any remaining tuition and fee expenses.

Yes, the program offers students one-on-one, same-day access to their Academic Advisor, Community Service Opportunities, Student Success Seminars, Career Exploration and the ability to earn incentives to cover the cost of books, transportation and meal cards.

Yes. Augsburg University offers a scholarship to POY students who successfully complete their Associates Degree at MCTC. Students are encouraged to work closely with their POY Advisor for assistance in the scholarship application process.

The program is need-based and uses financial aid and the POY application to identify and fund students who have a high need first. We are committed to funding all applicants based on available program funding.

Students invited to attend a POY Orientation will be notified via email on May 25, 2018. Once you have been invited to a POY orientation you must register for orientation via email and attend the 6 hour orientation on the date you select. You are not considered a POY student until you complete orientation and sign the POY Participation Agreement.

Students not invited to attend a POY Orientation will receive a letter of decline by June 4, 2018.

  • Enroll as a full-time student (12-15 credits each semester)
  • Maintain 2.5 grade point average each semester
  • Attend classes on time daily
  • Meet with POY Advisor three times each semester
  • Complete 10 hours of Community Service each semester
  • Complete 2 Student Success Seminars each semester
  • Complete Professor Feedback forms BEFORE mid-terms each semester
  • Maintain continued enrollment each semester (students must register for and attend classes EVERY Fall & Spring semester)

No. Students in the D3 program and PSEO must complete the same application process of all applicants. No student is guaranteed acceptance into POY.