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Apply as a Returning Student

Want to come back to MCTC after being away from the college for a year or more? Many students successfully return after stopping for a time because of work, family or other circumstances. Others return when their work or life changes and they have new plans and goals. Whatever your journey has been, we’re glad you want to come back!


Apply as a returning student if you have taken classes at MCTC before––as a college or PSEO student.

Before you can register for classes, you have to be accepted again into the college and your program. Please note that readmission to the college is not guaranteed. Also, re-acceptance to a career or technical program will be based on your academic record and placement tests as well as the space available in the program. You have to meet the current requirements for acceptance into a career or technical program.

Application steps

  1. Print and complete the Application for Readmission form and submit it to Admissions. Do not use the online application–that will delay your enrollment.
  2. Apply for financial aid as soon as you have submitted your application for readmission.
  3. Submit official transcripts if you have attended school elsewhere since you were last at MCTC. Transcripts are required for transfer credits, financial aid and veteran’s benefits. 
  4. Find out whether your placement test results are still valid and how to study for and take the college’s placement tests.
  5. Meet with an academic advisor to create a plan and select courses for the next term. If you have an active star ID you can locate your academic advisor on the intranet, if not, you can call 612-659-6700 or stop by stop by T. 2500 to set up an appointment.

Academic holds and suspension

A hold or suspension on your record will require additional steps. If you are suspended you will need to complete the suspension appeal process. If your appeal is approved, you will be able to enroll in the college. If you have a financial hold at any college or university, including MCTC, you are required to resolve the hold with Business Services before you will be able to enroll in courses at MCTC.

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