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Apply as a New College Student

You are a new college student if you will be going to college for the first time. Follow these steps if you have a high school diploma or GED or are a high school senior who will graduate before enrolling.

Application steps

  1. Print the pre-enrollment checklist
  2. Apply for admission and pay the application fee online
  3. Provide a copy of your high school transcripts or GED to MCTC
  4. Take the College placement tests––don't forget to study!
  5. Sign up to attend an Advising and Registration Session, where you’ll register for classes

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Financial Aid

Apply for financial aid as soon as you apply to the College.

How to provide proof of high school graduation or GED

  • Ask your high school to send an official final transcript after you graduate to Student Services
  • If you have a GED, please send a copy of your certificate to Student Services
If you are having trouble getting your high school transcripts please feel free to contact us online to see if we can help!

Choosing a program

On the online application, you will be asked to choose a program of study––learn more about selecting a program and declaring your major.

I just want to take a couple classes

As either a visiting or non-degree seeking student your goal is the same––to take a limited number of courses with no intent of completing a certificate, diploma or degree at MCTC.

The visiting student admission process might be simpler, but if you've never been to college before you may consider going through the application process described above and selecting “non-degree seeking student” as your status on the online application if you might take courses over multiple semesters, need a campus card for reduced parking rates, and if you want testing exemptions or access to services (health clinic, fitness center, transfer evaluations, advising, student life).

If you need help deciding which process would be best for you, please ask us online.

Contact us for help

If you have a question about the online application process, please email the Admissions Office or call 612-659-6282.

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