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International Student Admissions

An “international student” is someone who is not a U.S. citizen or immigrant. Some international students are already living in the U.S. when they apply and others travel from their home countries. You are invited to apply to MCTC and join our international community and the students from all over the globe who have earned a technical, career or academic degree at MCTC!

If you have questions about the admissions process, please send an email to iss@minneapolis.edu.

Application facts

  • Apply as an international student if you are not a U.S. citizen and not an immigrant. If you are a permanent resident, refugee or person with political asylum status, apply for general admission as a new college student instead.
  • You need a non-immigrant visa or an F-1 or student visa to attend college. Learn more about visas
  • You have to show proficiency in English and meet academic requirements for international students to be accepted.
  • Federal financial aid is not available to international students.
  • Acceptance into the college does not guarantee enrollment into career and technical programs. Your academic record and placement test results must meet the program requirements, and space must be available in order to enroll.

Admissions deadlines

Your application for admission and all related documents must be in Admissions by the following dates to be considered for the semester.

  • If you are NOT living in the U.S.:
    • May 1 for admission to the fall semester
    • October 1 for spring semester
    • No summer session admission
  • If you are living in the U.S.:
    • June 1 for fall semester
    • November 1 for spring semester
    • May 1 for summer session

For application steps and instructions, select the type of international applicant you are:

Initial Student

Prospective international student applying from a foreign country seeking an F-1 Student Visa.

Change of Status (COS)

Individual currently visiting/living in the U.S. requesting to change current visa status to F-1 student status (example: B1/B2, F2, J1, H4) to complete a degree program.

Transfer (from U.S. University/College or English Language School)

Student currently enrolled at another U.S. university or English language school seeking to transfer to MCTC on an F-1 visa status to complete a degree program. Student must have a current Form I-20 issued by school presently attending.

Concurrent / Part-time Student

Student with F-1 student visa status currently enrolled at another U.S. college/university or an individual currently maintaining a visa (H, J, K, U) in the U.S. seeking to complete classes, but not seeking a degree or requesting an I-20 from MCTC.

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