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Coming Soon: A New College Website for Minneapolis.edu

We're excited to announce a new College website coming June 2018

To better serve the Minneapolis Community and Technical College community, the website redesign process began by surveying students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders.

The valuable feedback received has driven this project's goal to create a new website that is mobile-friendly, accessible, and easy to navigate. Prospective students will have a clear path to enrollment and current students will have a "One-Stop" page for all of their frequently-used resources.

In the coming weeks, as the project team prepares to launch the new site, this news page will provide ongoing updates. For a summary of the project, please see the timeline below.

Project Timeline:

Spring 2016 Planning to redesign website begins
Summer 2016 Project drafted, initial discovery work begins
Fall 2016 Consultant team hired to analyze current website
Spring 2017 Begin search for development/redesign contractor
Fall 2017 Development/Redesign contractor is hired
Fall 2017 Contracted with website hosting company
Fall 2017 Discovery work, stakeholder groups identified/interviewed
Winter 2017 Site building begins
Spring 2018 User testing
Spring 2018 Site Launch  -  June 15