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Comprehensive Facilities Plan Projects Starting

Last year, MCTC updated its Comprehensive Facilities Plan (CFP). The annual projects within this five-year plan are being integrated with MCTC’s Strategic Priorities. The CFP was created based on input from relevant campus stakeholders and is being executed in stages based on funding.
“This is a broad framework for us to build upon,” said Dr. Sharon Pierce, MCTC’s president, “It’s a roadmap to help us figure out how best to use our spaces and prioritize our capital projects to create learning environments which support the way students learn.”

Several projects identified in the CFP are underway including the transitioning of the Wells Building and the construction of the Academic Success Center.

“These facilities updates will support the Schools within the College model and enhance student success by congregating student and academic services in a more meaningful manner,” said Chris Rau, MCTC’s chief financial officer.

Wells Building Update

 Wells Building Near Minneapolis College

The City of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota signed a Purchase Agreement to define the terms of the sale of the building. The actual sale itself is anticipated in August. A developer has been identified and is working to refine a plan and permissions from the City. The Black Box Theatre was removed along with the planting structures and fencing in the community garden.

T Building Third Floor Academic Success Center (ASC)

Technical Building at Minneapolis College 

The third floor of the Technology Building is being transformed into a space that will combine several student support areas into a single location. This will help enhance students’ awareness about the breadth of services available and create an easier path for them to utilize these services.

The ASC will have direct and visual access to the second floor (skyway level) via a new, open, central staircase. This design will provide a direct connection between Student Affairs and main campus circulation paths and enhance the visibility of academic support services.

The ASC will include an information/welcome station, reception area, lounge space, open computer lab space, tutoring center, testing center, breakout rooms for student/staff/faculty interaction and study, faculty touchdown space, orientation and break-out session space and developmental/dynamic/flexible classrooms. Demolition in this area began in December and has been completed.

The construction will be completed in two phases. The first phase will begin in February and completed in July. Faculty space and classrooms will be completed in the second phase. When in the area, watch for barriers and signage indicating how to navigate safely.

The new ASC is expected to open in August.

T Building Second Floor Student Affairs Division

Pre-design work will begin this month to remodel the existing Student Affairs area. The new design will provide a more integrated experience for students

T Building First Floor Multipurpose Space

Pre-design work for remodeling this space will begin in the next few weeks. Updates will provide space for retail vendors, a cultural experience and an inclusivity destination.

Additional capital investments are called for in the plan including a renovation of the Hennepin Avenue Skyway; replacing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the Management Education Center buildings; and replacing the roof on the New Harmon Building.

Funding for the design of these projects was approved by a 2017 legislative decision through the Higher Education Asset Preservation and Repair (HEAPR) process.

The legislature will be asked to also approve HEAPR funding for completing these projects in their 2018 session.

The timelines for these projects is tentative and may change as work progresses.