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Indulge Love of Learning through Continuing Education

Spring 2018 Catalog for Continuing Education at MCTC

Minneapolis Community and Technical College provides access to the transformative power of education in a diverse and dynamic downtown environment. And there are many ways to engage in learning on our campus. One gem is MCTC's Continuing Education and Workforce Development, which offers a range of classes designed to enhance your experience and broaden your perspective. Whether you're seeking specific new tools for the next step in your career or just looking to indulge your love of learning, this is the place for you!

Arts & Culture, Business & Leadership, Computers & Technology, Health and Human Services and Manufacturing and Skilled Trades classes are offered at our unbeatable downtown Minneapolis location and no application fees or testing is required to register for our continuing education classes. Our vibrant college campus is equipped with top-notch, high-tech amenities for teaching and learning, making learning effective and exciting.

The fast, flexible and focused classes offered through MCTC’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development provides quality, relevance and innovation. Continuing Education at MCTC brings all of the College’s resources – its faculty, its facilities and its mission – to you. Whether you are an individual learner, an employer seeking customized skill development for your team, or a community organization whose mission includes employee training, we are here to serve you.

Individual Learning

Whether your interest is to enhance your skills with CEUs, pursue a career change, explore your creativity and the world around you or to help your employees enhance their potential, you'll find a learning opportunity to help meet your individualized goals at MCTC.

"Our condominium overlooks the campus, and MCTC has been a very good neighbor to us,” said Sylvia Sabo, MCTC Continuing Education student. “So, as an art lover, I took a painting course which allowed me to sharpen my technical brush stroke skills and let my creative energies flow."

Workforce Development

“MCTC’s Workforce Development provides affordable training to meet your needs,” said Vincent Thomas, dean for Continuing Education and Workforce Development. “We have experience working in a wide range of industries and can customize classes for organizations of all sizes and employees at all levels within an organization.”

Online, on-site, on-campus or hybrid training options are available. Whether your employees need a refresher on a certain skill set or whether you need training on a new process, we can work with you to deliver a tailor-made solution.

“We trusted MCTC to assist us in providing evidence-based training and we believe it resulted in a competitive advantage,” said Boyd Brown, formerly with Goodwill/Easter Seals. “I recommend MCTC without hesitation and would hire them again if given the opportunity.”

“Working with MCTC was great. Our customized training director understood our request and was always responsive to our needs”, said Betsy Hearn, Liberty Diversified International. “I appreciated the partnership.”

Register for classes using our new Spring Catalog and join us at MCTC Continuing Education and Workforce Development. And be sure to check with your supervisor or HR department to see if you are eligible for continuing education benefits or tuition reimbursement to pay for your classes. Whatever you envision for yourself – personally and professionally – is at your fingertips at MCTC.