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MCTC Debuts New Videos Highlighting Program Offerings

MCTC Marketing and Communications is pleased to present newly-produced videos highlighting some of the College’s stellar academic programs. The videos are recently-produced works that are the first of a continuing series. Utilizing the in-house talents of Video Production instructor Randy Johnson and assisted by student talent, the videos are part of Marketing and Communications’ latest efforts to reach our audiences.

Visit Minneapolis.edu/vimeo or Minneapolis.edu/youtube to view more videos, or click on the links below.

Machine Tools Video

Student Bill Webb has learned that right now is a great time to become a machinist.

For more information, visit www.minneapolis.edu/machinist

Student Carla Anderson knows how to create “a living, breathing building.”

For more information, visit www.minneapolis.edu/architectural.

Student Christina Freed has always loved music. Now, she appreciates every sound around her.

For more information, visit www.minneapolis.edu/sound.

Student Kelsey Waara has learned that design is a melding of art, science, writing and engineering

For more information, visit www.minneapolis.edu/design.

Even while still in school, all of student Brookklyn Huberty’s income comes from photography.

For more information, visit www.minneapolis.edu/phdi.

Student Gabby Rosas shows the process of designing clothing with the latest technology.

For more information, visit www.minneapolis.edu/apparel.