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Dialogue with the President, Student Open Forum, April 26

President Pierce outside with a studentDialogue with the President
Student Open Forum

Wednesday, April 26, 2-3 p.m.

Students—would you like the opportunity to meet MCTC’s President? Ask questions, share your thoughts and garner feedback about your goals and educational experience. Learn how MCTC can empower you to move forward.

Join MCTC President Dr. Sharon Pierce during her next Open Forum for a candid, honest dialogue that may shape you personally and impact the direction of MCTC. The Open Forum will take place prior to the Student Senate meeting, Wednesday, April 26, 2-3 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room located in the Helland Center, H. 1002.

“Students provide rich insight,” says Pierce
“I am committed to listening to the College’s internal and external communities in order to ensure MCTC meets the needs of our students today and long into the future,” said Dr. Pierce. “Our students provide rich insight and enable me to gain a full understanding of MCTC and the community it is dedicated to serving.”

Since joining MCTC in July of 2016, Dr. Pierce has hosted several conversations with students, faculty, staff and the local community. Pierce considers herself a participative leader who values collaboration and open communication. “I strive to create a trusting environment where everyone feels free to participate,” said Dr. Pierce. “Open Forums offer an intimate setting where people are inspired to share their voice.”

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