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Celebrating National Financial Literacy Month at MCTC

ceramic piggy bank on top of dollar billsMoney is more than economics; it is a cultural and emotional topic. At MCTC, we provide guidance on how to use and manage financial resources in a variety of ways. In celebration of National Financial Literacy Month, the MCTC Financial Wellness committee will lead campus initiatives to promote money management wellness.

We encourage you to check out these MCTC financial literacy offerings:


GradReady is a free, non-credit course to help students be more financially savvy, and offers topics such as:

  • Paying for college
  • Money management
  • Real-world finance

Get started with GradReady today

MCTC Financial Wellness committee

The mission of the Financial Wellness committee is to find, evaluate and provide educational and financial tools to empower students and staff to help them make more informed financial decisions while honoring individual experiences and attitudes in regards to money. We will work to provide.

Additional resources

Visit the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website for tips on paying for college.