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President Pierce to MCTC, “Together we make a difference”

Together we make a difference. MCTC

“Together we make a difference.” President Pierce issued statement of support for all MCTC students

MCTC President Sharon Pierce issued a message to the MCTC community on Monday, January 30, in response to the recent executive order issued by President Donald J. Trump restricting admission of refugees to the U.S. from certain countries.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’ Chancellor Steven Rosenstone echoed Dr. Pierce’s sentiment in his public statement Monday by restating Minnesota State member institutions’ “steadfast commitment to ensuring that our campuses will remain safe and welcoming places of inclusion, hope, and opportunity for all students and employees.”

The following is President Pierce’s statement:

“Dear MCTC Community:

As we continue to monitor federal policy discussions regarding immigration, I want to acknowledge our shared concerns about their potential direct impacts on a significant portion of our student population. Our MCTC community includes those with work visas, refugee status and those who have family members who may be seriously impacted by changes in immigration laws. While I am unable to forecast impending changes in federal legislation, I can assure you that I share in the anxiety and fear of its impacts on our community and that MCTC will continue to advocate for all of our students to continue to reach their academic goals.

MCTC and its staff and faculty remain committed to its mission of providing access to the transformative power of education. We are devoted to the success of all our students as well as to the protection of their personal information within the confines of the law. Our goal is to create a learning environment that is welcoming and safe for all MCTC students without exception.

Federal and state laws govern MCTC’s data protection practices. Significant legal protections are in place restricting the disclosure of student information under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act. MCTC complies with such laws and will continue to do so. College administration is monitoring federal actions regarding immigration and will make adjustments as laws impacting higher education are revised. Our Equity and Inclusion Division has arranged for a training session this Friday to enhance staff awareness about the impacts of federal policy changes. The Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota and Navigate MN will conduct the training. For additional information regarding this training, contact Jay Williams, interim chief diversity officer.

MCTC is aligned with the Minnesota State system of higher education institutions as we work together to support inclusive campus climates across the state.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. Together we make a difference.”