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An MCTC Design Portfolio Show 2016

Best of Show Peer-to-Peer Award Winners

MCTC Design “See The Menagerie 2016: An unforgettable collection of multifaceted designers and developers unique in taste and talent”

2016 Best of Show flyerThe students of this year’s MCTC graphic and web design portfolio class have singled out a few peers for their exceptional design work in their culminating “Menagerie" design show.

Ryan Maynard (Print Media), Nicolas Gluesenkamp (Web Media), Sebastian Pérez (Print/Web Media) were awarded this year Best of Show Peer-to-Peer Portfolio Contest by their classmates.

Four were also given Honorable Mention Awards: Lauren Barber (Print/Web Media), Sierra Riggs (Print Media), Benjamin Callow (Print Media), and Mitchell Granholm (Web Media), but all of the “See The Menagerie” students are winners.

Only the Portfolio students themselves choose award recipients via written peer review. The first place winners each are each given a full CC Adobe Creative Suite software package. This award is funded by Graphic and Web Design alum Manuel Castellanos Raboso (Adobe), and Graphic and Web Design faculty Jake Jacobson.

In the voting process, each portfolio student was given the opportunity to award three votes to their peers covering several evaluative areas:

  • Overall creative presentation of the portfolio
  • Overall creativity, focus, and uniqueness portfolio
  • Overall continuity in presentation of portfolio
  • Overall leadership and team/class participation of See The Menagerie
  • Overall design principles presented in the portfolio
  • Overall body of creative work
  • Overall representation of the ideals of the creative design industry and their See The Menagerie 2016 stated mission

Visit the 2016 Menagerie portfolio show website