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TRIO Starting Point Student Selected for Global Program

Dulce CamonaDulce Carmona is one of 15 TRIO Student Support Services and McNair students nationwide selected to participate in the 2016 Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program in Salamanca, Spain this summer. The program is named after GE Chief Financial Officer Keith Sherin. Thanks to generous support from COE, GE and other corporate donors, students in this program will have the opportunity to explore one of Spain’s most spectacular cities, earn academic credit while immersing themselves in a month long intensive program of Spanish language and culture. Dulce was additionally awarded scholarships from the Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program, TRIO Educational Opportunity Association (EOA), and TRIO Starting Point for this experience. Dulce was nominated by Dr. Jennifer Brookins-King, Director, and Sharon Margalli, Program Advisor.

The Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program is open to all of the approximately 180,000 college students who receive supportive services through the federal TRIO programs. Of the applicants 15 to 20 students are chosen each year. Over the last 16 years, more than 300 students have participated in COE-sponsored study abroad programs.

Dulce is a current TRIO Starting Point program student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. She is completing an internship at Children’s Dental Services this semester and will graduate in May with a Medical Office Assistant Degree (A.A.S). Dulce plans to work after graduation before eventually pursuing a bachelor’s degree. She is excited for this experience and anticipates many benefits including professional, academic and personal growth. She chose to study abroad, because she believes it will be one of the most inspiring, rewarding, and educationally stimulating experiences of her life.

“Study abroad has the potential to provide me with a fresh viewpoint and unique perspective on a career I've been thinking about after graduation and the potential to illuminate the direction I would like to take. Immersing myself in Spanish culture will give me a new perspective on my academic work, and strengthen skills that will benefit me when I begin looking for a job. It will strengthen my interpersonal and intercultural skills and set me apart from other employees. This experience will also provide an opportunity to expand my field of view and help me analyze problems and phenomena from a longer-term, universal perspective” -Dulce Carmona