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Join Us for Student Success Day

Student SuccessJoin us Thursday, February 25 for Student Success Day!

This is a fun day to learn skills for classroom success, plan for graduation or transfer and get prepared for an exciting career! See below for more information and schedule for Student Success Day (or click to jump directly to this section).

About Student Success Day

Student success day is held twice a year, typically once in November and once in February. This spring, Student Success Day will take place Thursday, Feb. 25. On Student Success Day, faculty and staff offer presentations, workshops and activities to help students be successful in school, prepare for graduation or transfer and achieve their career goals. There are no classes on Student Success Day and parking is free!  In addition there will be a $7 box lunch available in the cafeteria provided by Tiffin Man.

When you arrive to campus on Student Success Day, check in at the welcome tables in the T Skyway. You will receive a printed schedule with room locations and answers to other questions you might have about the day..

The day is organized in a conference format and will give you a chance to interact informally with our staff and faculty around a variety of important topics including:

  • Classroom Success
  • Career Planning
  • Financial Fitness
  • Graduation and Transfer Planning
  • Leadership and Student Life
  • Technology to Know
  • Health and Wellness
  • Student Support
Student Success Day sessions will last 50 minutes and will take place between 9 a.m. and 6:20 p.m. A full Student Success Day schedule is available here (.pdf).

Keynote Speaker | 12–1:30 p.m.

Location: T Building Plaza and Cafeteria

Eli Clare
Photo by Samuel Lurie
Digging Deep: Thinking about Privilege with Eli Clare

How do we make the space to talk honestly about all the multi-layered systems of injustice that target some of us and privilege others for who we are?  The layers are so tangled: gender folds into disability, disability wraps around class, class strains against race, race snarls into sexuality, sexuality hangs onto gender, all of it finally piling into our bodies.  Most of have stories of both oppression and privilege. Join Eli Clare as he uses storytelling and critical thinking to name and explore upon the dynamics and conundrums of privilege in our lives. http://eliclare.com

We look forward to seeing you on Feb. 25!