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MCTC Focus on Fitness

A Focus on Fitness at MCTC

Drew Rongere trains with an employee at MCTCMCTC students are known for expanding their college experience beyond the classroom by getting involved in initiatives and activities across campus. More than 40 student groups provide opportunities to get involved in their community on- and off-campus.

Inspired to encourage a sense of health and wellness on campus, students worked to bring Drew Rongere, campus recreation and wellness coordinator, on board last September. Since his arrival, fitness has been a focus. In February, the first ever MCTC Fitness Challenge began energizing more than 200 students, faculty and staff to get in shape. Drew put together a fitness journal for participants, conducted pre-testing and promised t-shirts, a party and other incentives to participants who completed a minimum of 30 on-campus workouts throughout the month. 

“The energy behind the fitness challenge is amazing,” said Drew. “Our weight room sees an average of 50 people a day. That’s twice as many as previous semesters and it’s continuing to grow daily. Additionally, we offer body blast, bodyweight training, hip hop and yoga classes. Classes are filled with an average of 80 participants in each.” Drew shares the responsibility for teaching the classes and training in the weight room with experienced students. All classes are offered at no cost. Click here for more information on campus health and wellness.

Intramural basketball, soccer and tennis leagues are also in full force giving students an opportunity to take a break from their studies and have some fun. The new focus on fitness is part of a push by students to build a healthier campus. Five years ago, the MCTC Student Senate and student body began working together with the College to spearhead an initiative that brought a health clinic to the College. Open five days a week, the clinic responds to the individualized needs of the campus community. Most healthcare services offered are available at no out-of-pocket cost to enrolled students. MCTC tuition and fees include a small service fee, which pays for the on-campus health care services.

“Working with MCTC’s diverse population has enabled me to meet and begin to understand the lives of people from all over the world,” said Drew. “I’m excited to be one of the people to help our students achieve their dreams.”