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Diane Wilson: One Minneapolis One Read

Diane WilsonJoin Minneapolis native and Author Diane Wilson, as she leads a community discussion of her book, “Spirit Car: Journey to a Dakota Past” at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

Nov. 1, 2–4 p.m.
MCTC Whitney Fine Arts Theatre

Wilson’s book is part of One Minneapolis One Read, a community event, where everyone in town is invited to read the same book and to join in a community conversation. This is the second year of One Minneapolis One Read.

Wilson grew up in a Minneapolis suburb and then followed questions about her family's past to South Dakota and Nebraska, where she tracked down information about her maternal relatives through five generations. The result of Wilson's quest for discovery is "Spirit Car," a book of vignettes she created in her desire to honor the lives of her Dakota Indian family. The story of Wilson’s family begins with a vivid account of the 1862 Dakota War in Minnesota and then follows her family members' nomadic travels across South Dakota and Nebraska in their struggle to survive.