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Minnesota High Tech Foundation Scholarship

Etonam Fanny Okaikue-WoodiMCTC student Etonam Fanny Okaikue-Woodi will be recognized at the Tekne Awards ceremony Nov. 1 for receiving a $5,000 Minnesota High Tech Association Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship honors the environmental research she and her team completed this past summer at the St. Croix Watershed Research Station.

The Minnesota High Tech Association Foundation awards STEM scholarships annually to qualified Minnesota students in order to ensure our future workforce is prepared for technical fields.

Fanny learned about the environmental research opportunity from the North Star STEM Alliance, a partnership of 16 higher education institutions, the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Minnesota High Tech Association. She was chosen from more than 80 applicants to work with a team of researchers to study the sediment makeup of Long Pond in Hudson, Wisconsin.

“When I was chosen for the project, I didn’t have any experience. I didn’t think I stood a chance,” Fanny said. The North Star STEM Alliance provided her with a stipend and on-site housing during the project.

Fanny moved to Minnesota from the Togolese Republic in West Africa in 2009. She began studying at MCTC in the fall of 2010, and will finish her degree in math this spring. She hopes to transfer to the University of Minnesota to study environmental engineering.

“When I started [at MCTC], I thought I’d just get my generals and then go to the University of Minnesota. I had no idea what kind of opportunities I would find,” Fanny said. In addition to her summer research project she is also a member of the honor society Phi Theta Kappa and the MCTC math club.