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Career Ready Scholarship Winners

MCTC Career Ready Scholarship winners Maya Gaforova and Yvan NguetioTwo MCTC students received $750 scholarships for their stellar performance in the College's Career Ready Scholarship program. 

Yvan Nguetio and Maya Gaforova were chosen from among 12 program finalists after completing a semester-long series of workshops focusing on career building skills. Over the course of the semester, participants developed their resumes, had their resumes critiqued and scored, learned key interview techniques and honed networking skills at a professional dining event. The Career Ready Scholarship was established through the MCTC Foundation by an MCTC graduate three years ago. 

The graduate, who requests to remain anonymous, discovered the value of a strength-based resume and well-developed interviewing and networking skills upon working with a mentor at MCTC. He established the program to ensure other students receive these skills.

“At one of the networking events I actually met with the Career Ready program sponsor,” said Yvan. “Then, when I did my final interview with him, I felt like I was talking to a friend. I went into it really relaxed.”

After several weeks of skill-building and preparation, the Career Ready finalists participated in two mock interview sessions which included the sponsor of the Career Ready scholarship, the director of the MCTC Foundation and the Career Ready Program liaisons. Two interview candidates who exhibited exemplary performance were then chosen to receive a $750 scholarship.

“To be honest, after the first workshop in October, I no longer cared about the possibility of winning a scholarship,” Yvan said. “I just found the experience extremely useful.”

“I feel more confident now,” said Maya, who is graduating in May and hopes to work in either programming or database administration. “This was just a first step, but I feel ready to get out there and demonstrate my abilities.”

Since the completion of this year’s program on Nov. 16, four of these Career Ready Scholarship participants have since received job offers. "Every program participant has an opportunity to develop important business and leadership skills,” said Dionna Jones, director of Career Services at MCTC. "Participants also receive a gift card and have a professional portfolio to showcase their talents."

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