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What's Happening at MCTC?


Welcome Week 2017!

MCTC Student Life brings Welcome Week to campus once again. It’s a series of events that provide an opportunity for students to get acquainted with student clubs and organizations, and meet other MCTC students who may have similar interests and goals.

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President Pierce addresses events in Charlottesville

President Pierce President Pierce addresses recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Indulge Love of Learning through Continuing Education

CECT News MCTC’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development offers a range of classes designed to enhance your experience and broaden your perspective.

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Join us for Student Success Day, Wednesday, Sept. 13

Student Success Day

Join us Wednesday, September 13 for Student Success Day! This is a fun day to learn skills for classroom success, plan for graduation or transfer and prepare for an exciting career!

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Comprehensive Facilities Plan: Wells Building update

photo of the Wells Building Historic Wells Building: part of plan to reallocate campus space

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