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College Policy 4.16

Last Date of Attendance

Part 1. Authority

Federal Refund Policy (Title IV Funds 34 CFR 668.22).

Authorization. The Return of Title IV Funds Policy applies to any student who receives Title IV funding and withdraws. The withdrawal process is defined as occurring when a student notifies the school, in written or oral form, of his or her intent to withdraw. Whether or not notification is given or whether or not the student begins the withdrawal process, the school will determine the date of withdrawal as the date the student ceased attendance.

The amount of Title IV funds earned by a student is based on the amount of time spent in attendance by the student for that term.

Refer to MCTC Financial Aid Policy 4.08 for more information.

Part 2. Purpose

The purpose of the Last Date of Attendance Policy is to appropriately assess the financial liability for students, ensure good stewardship of financial aid funds and limit the financial liability for the college, and academic consequences for the student.

Part 3. Responsibility

Student - Students are expected to regularly attend classes in which they are enrolled and abide by MCTC Policy 4.05.01 Procedures for Changing Enrollment. Students who decide to stop attending courses should immediately drop/withdraw from their course(s). A student who is administratively withdrawn pursuant to this policy, remains financially responsible for the course and other related expenses.  Additionally, a student who is administratively withdrawn pursuant to this policy is responsible for any academic consequences pursuant to MCTC Policy 4.13 – Satisfactory Academic Progress – Academic and Financial Aid.  

College - A last date of attendance report made (after the drop date each term) by a faculty member will result in the automatic assignment of a W grade. An assigned grade of a W reported by faculty will prohibit a student from withdrawing from a course(s) at a later date.

The last date of attendance report also will activate re-evaluation of a student's financial aid and may result in repayment as stated in the MCTC Financial Aid Policy 4.08.

Part 4. Definition of Attendance

All students must demonstrate a satisfactory amount of participation in order to have attended the course. This is described as putting forth a satisfactory amount of effort to achieve a successful result in the course.  This generally involves a student completing some type of “academically related activity” in order to be considered participating.  This may include any or all of the following as defined by the course syllabus or program handbook/policies:

  1. Class attendance (including attending for the majority of the class period); or 
  2. Participation in computer or assisted instruction; or
  3. Completing any required examinations or quizzes; or
  4. Completion of an academic assignment, paper, or project.

Part 5. Process

A student who fails to officially withdraw from their course(s) may be administratively withdrawn from the course at the time that he or she stops participating in the course or if he or she never attends the course.  Specifically:

  1. Students may be administratively withdrawn from a course if they do not demonstrate a satisfactory amount of participation (based on the factors outlined in Part 3) for a period of 14 calendar days, unless they have received approval from their instructor.
  2. If a student’s absence or lack of participation, in a short-term or specific program course, violates a program’s (e.g., Nursing) student handbook/policy, the student may be withdrawn from the course according to the policies set forth in the relevant handbook/policy.

The withdrawal date may be considered to be the last date the student "attended" as defined in Part 3 above.  

Part 6. Academic Attendance Policies

While instructors may include this policy in course syllabi and/or educate students about this policy, they are encouraged to have their own separate attendance policy. This policy may include assessing an academic consequence where students fail to attend class as required.

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