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College Policy 4.06

Drug and Alcohol-Free Campus and Worksite Policy

Part 1. Scope of Policy

The Minneapolis Community and Technical College Drug-and Alcohol-Free Campus Policy is for Students and Employees of the College and includes all campus locations.

Part 2. Purpose

Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), along with all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU), is committed to ensuring an educational and employment environment where students and employees can work, learn and develop to their full potential. Because the use and abuse of alcohol and controlled substances negatively impacts the ability of students and employees to work, learn and develop to their full potential, and to comply with federal and state laws, MCTC has adopted and will implement the following drug-and alcohol-free campus policy.

Part 3. Drugs, Alcohol Prohibited

The unlawful manufacture, growing, possession, use, dispensation, sale or distribution of controlled substances and the manufacture, use, sale, distribution or possession of alcoholic beverages by MCTC students and MCTC employees is strictly prohibited: 1) on MCTC property; 2) while participating in a student activity, activities sponsored by officially recognized student organizations, or an event or activity sponsored or sanctioned by MCTC or MnSCU, including off-site activities; and 3) while performing work, including overtime work and rest breaks.

Subpart A. Exceptions

The use of alcoholic beverages may be permitted only:

  1. for MCTC or MnSCU educational/awareness programs; or
  2. for a specific event or circumstance authorized by MnSCU or MCTC.

However, in no case may students or employees violate Liquor Laws.

Subpart B. Employees

No MCTC employee may:

  1. report to work under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or other drugs which affect her/his alertness, coordination, reaction, response, judgment, decision-making or safety; or
  2. operate, use or drive any MCTC or MnSCU equipment, machinery or vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or mind-altering drugs.

An employee who is under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or other mind-altering drugs, or who is taking medically authorized drugs or other substances which may affect job performance, has an affirmative duty to immediately notify the appropriate supervisor that the employee's mental or physical condition precludes her/his ability to operate, use or drive MCTC or MnSCU equipment.

Employees are discouraged from consuming alcoholic beverages off-site during lunch or dinner meals when returning to perform work on behalf of MCTC. In any situation subsequent to the intake of alcohol, an employee whose behavior or condition adversely affects her/his performance is subject to discipline.

Since engaging in off-duty sale, purchase, transfer, use or possession of controlled substances may have a negative effect on an employee's ability to perform his/her work, an MCTC employee involved in such circumstances is subject to discipline.

Employees working on federal grants or contracts who are convicted of a criminal drug statute violation occurring in the workplace are required to notify MCTC or MnSCU within five (5) working days of such a conviction.

Part 4. Penalties for Policy Violations

MCTC employees and students who violate this policy are subject to MCTC and MnSCU sanctions and may be subject to legal sanctions under local, state or federal law.

MCTC students will be disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct. Disciplinary sanctions include, but are not limited to, warning, confiscation, restitution, dismissal, suspension, expulsion and referral for prosecution.

MCTC employees covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement will be disciplined according to the process delineated in the appropriate agreement. Other employees will be disciplined according to the Excluded Administrators Plan or the Commissioner's Plan. Discipline may include, but is not limited to, oral and written reprimand, suspension, termination, and referral for prosecution.

Part 5. Information

Minneapolis Community and Technical College provides voluntary educational programs designed to inform students and staff about the health risks associated with drug and alcohol use, community resources available to provide assistance to individuals dealing with drug and/or alcohol abuse issues, the legal ramifications associated with illegal use of drugs and/or alcohol, and penalties for policy violations under Minnesota Law.

Date effective: 7/1/1999
Date last amended: 7/1/1999