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College Policy 4.03.01

Appeal Procedure -- Senate Student Decisions

In accordance with MnSCU Board Policy 2.1 Part 4 MCTC establishes the following procedure for individual students or organizations that wish to appeal a decision made by the MCTC Student Senate relative to chartering, funding, or providing service to student organizations when such decisions may be in violation of law. Those wishing to submit such an appeal should complete the MCTC Student Senate Decision Appeal form, available from the director of student life in the Helland Center. The completed appeal form should be submitted to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

The Vice President will review the appeal and will provide a written response within five class days to the individual or group at the address that is listed on the appeal form.

The decision of the Vice President on this appeal is final.

Date effective: 7/1/1999
Date last amended: 7/1/1999