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1.08 Media Relations

Media Relations

Part 1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that MCTC manages its media relations successfully, including showcasing the college’s strengths and successes, protecting its reputation and ensuring that MCTC speaks with a consistent and appropriate voice on all matters pertaining to its operations and values.

Part 2. Media Requests and Contacts

Subpart A. Official Contact

The Director or Marketing and Communications serves as the official college contact with members of the media. Depending on the specific circumstances, the President may designate another employee to serve as the official spokesperson for the college.

Subpart B. Media Inquiries to Employees

Employees who receive media requests or inquires while in the scope of their employment, or regarding an issues related to the employee’s official duties must refer the request or inquiry to the Director of Marketing and Communications.

Subpart C. Exception: Faculty or Staff Expertise

Members of the faculty and staff may respond to requests from the media regarding subject matter expertise on matters unrelated to college business. In such cases, however, the faculty or staff member should notify the Director of Marketing and Communications as soon as possible following the media contact.

Part 3. Individual Expression

This policy pertains to employees acting in the scope of their official duties. It is not intended to affect the rights and responsibilities of individuals who are acting in their personal capacities outside the scope of their employment. Individuals are free to express personal opinions on matters of public concern, including those related to the college. To ensure that the personal opinions are not misrepresented as an official college position, individuals who choose to communicate with the media in their personal capacities must do so on their own time, and should clearly identify their opinions as personal.

Date effective: 1/12/2010
Date last amended: 1/12/2010