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College Policy 1.01

Policy Development

Part 1. Definition

Subpart A. Policy

A written statement of principles adopted by the college to chart a course of action, a policy is the means through which the college directs its resources to meet its predetermined goals. A policy gives direction and clears the way for administrators and others to take action. It is specific enough to give guidance but broad enough to allow for discretionary action.

Subpart B. Procedure

A procedure is a detailed set of directions developed to allow a policy to be put into practice. It tells how, by whom, where, and when things are to be done. It may list step-by-step procedures. It clarifies policies.

Subpart C. Guideline

A guideline is a statement or set of statements that facilitates a clear and specific understanding of a policy or procedure by administrators and others. It supplements a policy or procedure.

Part 2. Purpose

This policy sets forth the process for origination of new policies and revision of existing policies of Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

Part 3. Responsibility

Each member of the MCTC staff is responsible for following the policies, procedures and guidelines as printed in the MCTC policy manual. Any staff member may request a revision of a policy or may initiate a new policy. The policy will be approved or disapproved using the attached procedure (Procedure 1.01.01).

Part 4. Format

MCTC policies, procedures and guidelines will follow the same format as used by MnSCU for policies. The following terminology will be used:

Chapter = a main heading for a group of policies

  • Section = a policy
  • Part
  • Subpart

If items need to be further divided, they are simply numbered.

Part 5. Emergency Policies

The President or designee may implement necessary policies in an emergency situation.

Part 6. Procedure Development

Procedures are developed and revised in the same manner as policies. Procedures shall be numbered using the MnSCU procedure numbering format.

Part 7. Guideline Development

Guidelines are developed and revised in the same manner as policies and procedures. Guidelines shall be numbered using the MnSCU procedure numbering format.

Part 8. Former Policies

Former MTC and MCC policies will not be used to govern MCTC. In absence of a written policy and until a policy is developed and adopted, the President will have authority to make decisions related to management of the college within statutory and contractual limitations.

Date effective: 7/1/1999

Date last amended: 2/17/2009