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College Policy 3.10

Faculty Expectations

Part 1. Faculty Handbook

Faculty hired by the college on a permanent or temporary basis are responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies and requirements established in the faculty handbook.

Part 2. Course Syllabus

Subpart A. Written Syllabus

An instructor of a course must provide to students on the first day of class a written syllabus for each course that outlines:

  1. Contact information for the instructor and office hours;
  2. Course objectives and procedures for reaching the objectives;
  3. Standards for classroom participation and attendance;
  4. Types of assignments and tests;
  5. Due dates of assignments and policies regarding accepting late or inadequate work; and
  6. Criteria for the evaluation of student work and grade determination.

Subpart B. Submission to the Office of Academic Affairs

An instructor of a course must provide in electronic format the written syllabus required in Subpart A.

Subpart C. Retention

Instructors must retain academic property such as gradebooks, papers, etc., for one semester after the course is completed.

Date effective: 7/1/1999
Date last amended: 3/31/2005