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College Policy 3.06

Developmental Education

Part 1. Definitions

Developmental education is the program which enables students to improve basic learning skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, thereby furthering the achievement of personal educational objectives. Developmental education expands higher education opportunities to previously underserved and underprepared populations. Developmental education prepares students for rigorous academic experiences, has positive effects on underprepared student persistence, grade point average, and retention.

Part 2. Assessment Testing

Assessment testing for basic skills in the areas of reading, mathematics, and English composition will be administered to all new entering students. An English language assessment which includes a writing sample will be used for non-native English speakers. Students with disabilities may arrange for special arrangements for testing by contacting the Office for Students with Disabilities. Exceptions to this policy will be noted under Student Assessment policies.

Assessment testing must be completed before registration will be completed. A student's course enrollment may be canceled if the student does not enroll in the required courses.

Part 3. Developmental Coursework

Developmental courses will have course numbers under 100, will not count towards the first 90 credits of as associate degree, and will not be presented as applicable to higher degrees. These courses will be provided at normal tuition and will count towards financial aid eligibility.

The College has identified minimum assessment standards required for enrollment in college-level courses in mathematics, English composition, reading comprehension, and specified academic courses.

Students are expected to complete their developmental coursework before 45 quarter credits are accumulated. This normally will necessitate enrollment in any required reading, writing, or mathematics courses in the first quarter the student is enrolled.

Date effective: 7/1/1999
Date last amended: 7/1/1999