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Gainful Employment Reports


The U.S. Education Department's gainful employment regulations require disclosure of certain program information to students and prospective students. Gainful employment programs are those "that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation."  Public institutions are required to report this information for all undergraduate and graduate programs that are Title IV eligible and that lead to certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates or specialist awards. Reporting is not required for undergraduate certificates and diplomas less than 16 credits and graduate certificates and specialist awards that are less than 8 credits. Degree programs at all levels are not considered to be gainful employment programs.

Gainful employment regulations require disclosure of the following information for each "gainful employment" program:

  • Information on occupations that the program prepares students to enter;
  • Program costs including tuition and fees and book and supplies;
  • Median federal and private loan debt of recent graduates;
  • On-time completion rate of recent graduates; and
  • Job placement rate of recent graduates. 

Each of the gainful employment programs at Minneapolis Community and Technical College are linked below:

Accounting Clerk - 29 credit Certificate
Accounts Payable/Receivable - 16 credit Certificate
Addiction Counseling - 36 credit Diploma
Aircraft General - 19 credit Certificate
Aircraft Powerplant - 18 credit Certificate
Aircraft Structures - 17 credit Certificate
Aircraft Systems - 18 credit Certificate
Android Mobile Application Developer - 37 credit Diploma
Apparel Technologies - 32 credit Diploma
Apple Mobile Application Developer - 34 credit Diploma
Architectural Technology - 64 credit Diploma
Cinema Production - 30 credit Certificate
Cinema Studies - 24 credit Certificate
Cisco Network - 27 credit Certificate
Community Health Worker - 17 credit Certificate
Computer Security Specialist - 27 credit Certificate
Computer Support and Network Administrator - 54 credit Diploma
Database Administrator - 27 credit Certificate
Database Specialist - 28 credit Certificate
Dental Assistant - 39 credit Diploma
Dental Office Support Personnel - 17 credit Certificate
Early Childhood Education - 18 credit Certificate
Early Childhood Education - 31 credit Diploma
Entrepreneurship - 19 credit Certificate
Expanded Functions Dental Assistant - 16 credit Certificate
Global Studies - 18 credit Certificate
Graphic Design: Core - 18 credit Certificate
Graphic Design: Print Media - 30 credit Certificate
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) - 64 credit Diploma
Herbal Studies - 18 credit Certificate
Human Services - 36 credit Diploma
Information Assurance Professional - 50 credit Diploma
Information Technology Fundamentals - 21 credit Certificate
JAVA - 28 credit Certificate
Linux Network Administrator - 27 credit Certificate
Medical Receptionist - 31 credit Diploma
Medical Scribe Specialist - 32 credit Diploma
Microsoft Network Administrator - 27 credit Certificate
Open Source Developer - 26 credit Certificate
Pharmacy Technician - 16 credit Certificate
Photography - 27 credit Certificate
Photography and Digital Imaging - 54 credit Diploma
Public Information Services - 20 credit Certificate
Software Developer - 54 credit Diploma
Technical Information Services - 20 credit Certificate
VB .Net Developer - 28 credit Certificate
Visual C# Developer - 28 credit Certificate
Web and Interactive Media - 30 credit Certificate
Web and Interactive Media: Core - 18 credit Certificate
Welding and Metal Fabrication - 30 credit Certificate
Women's Studies - 18 credit Certificate
Yoga Teacher Training - 18 credit Certificate

Program information

For more information about our programs and what you will learn please see the Educational Program pages or Programs A-Z.