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Darius Davis, MCTC alumFormer MCTC student Darius Davis didn’t sit by idly as he completed his Photography and Digital Imaging (PHDI) coursework. From 2005–2008, he built his community connections and began making a name for himself. “I worked contract gigs while still in school, and within six months of leaving MCTC I began assisting commercially,” said Darius. “At first I shot lots of portraits and weddings—somewhere between 75 and 100 weddings.”

Darius was two classes short of a degree when he left MCTC in 2008. “I was going through some difficulty in my personal life, and on top of that I was establishing a career, which took a lot of energy and time,” Darius said. “For those reasons I wasn’t able to finish the program at that time.”

However, Darius didn’t stop there. “A couple years later I received a letter in the mail saying the MCTC Foundation was offering grants to former students to complete their degrees.” Darius took advantage of the Graduate Minnesota Scholarship and finished his last few classes, graduating in 2012. At that point he owned his own photography business.

“I come back to MCTC from time to time,” said Darius. “When I was still a student I photographed the Martin Luther King Day of Service for a small stipend. Now I’ve photographed it twice via my business. MCTC has a great big warm space in my heart.” Darius has also guest taught courses in business at MCTC, encouraging students to recognize the value of their work and not to give it away for free.

“MCTC is dear to me. It gave me the most solid technical base in photography education that any metro area school could offer.”


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