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Educational Opportunity Center

MN Education Opportunity Center EOC is a FREE educational outreach program helping eligible adults in Minnesota Metro Area pursue college education and/or training. EOC is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Title IV, TRIO programs.

Through EOC you can:

Contact us

  • Main number: 612-659-6543
  • Fax number: 612-659-6544
Name Office Phone
Janet Tauer W.2103 612-659-6538
Director of Educational Opportunity Center
 Anna Gusovsky W.2102 612-659-6526
Educational Counselor
Debra Jordan W.2113 612-659-6540
Educational Advisor
Kristina Wagner Off Campus 651-779-5656
Career and Educational Specialist
Lindsey Towler W.2105 612-659-6535
Office Administrative Specialist
Marnie Andersonr W.2111 612-659-6542
Program Coordinator
Nardos Senbeta W.2112 612-659-6536
Educational Advisor
Tou Lee Off Campus 651-744-1643
Educational Advisor


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