Student Services

Multicultural Student Services and Clubs

African-American Student Services

The mission of the African-American Student Support Services program is to support the academic, social and cultural success of students by assisting and directing students to services at MCTC and in the Twin Cities.

American Indian Student Services

The mission of the American Indian Student Services program is to advise MCTC's American Indian Student Organization U.N.I.T.E. (United Nations of Indian Tribes for Education).

Asian American and ESL Student Services

Advisor: Ninh Phan, 612-659-6745

These programs are staffed with bilingual advisors who are able to meet the academic and cultural needs of Asian American and ESL students. The program offers an intensive language immersion experience, which provides ESL students with the opportunity to improve their English skills in preparation for technical and liberal arts programs. The Asian American/ESL program advises MCTC's ESLSA (ESL Student Association) student group.

Chicano/Latino/Hispanic Student Services

Advisor: Rose Vega-Shannon, 612-659-6746

The mission of the Chicano/Latino/Hispanic Student Services Program is to provide specialized services for the rapidly growing Spanish-speaking population at MCTC. The program is staffed with bilingual advisors who are able to meet the academic and cultural needs of Chicano/Latino/Hispanic students. They also advise the student organization Culturas Unidas, which was created by students to identify and promote cultural awareness on campus.

Ethiopian Students Club

Advisor: Haile K. Haile, K.3200

Created to make the experience of Ethiopian students at MCTC smooth and enjoyable.

Somali Student Services

Counselor: Jamal Adam, 612-659-6742

MCTC has the largest Somali student population of any higher education institution in Minnesota. The mission of this program is to meet the individual, academic and cultural needs of Somali students. The program also collaborates with MCTC's Somali Student Association and other Somali groups and agencies in the Twin Cities community to encourage leadership, professional development and maturity.

International Student Services

Counselor: Kevin Kujawa 612-659-6705
The mission of the International Student Services Program is to help international students succeed in college and to increase awareness of international issues.

The MCTC Campus

MCTC Campus

MCTC is located in the heart of a vibrant city, in an area rich with creative energy and economic activity, corporate headquarters, community organizations, social resources, arts, shops and restaurants.

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