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Wait Lists

Wait lists are lists of students waiting to get registered for particular classes that are currently full.

Seats that open up are offered to students in the order they are placed on the waitlist. Please be sure you have activated your student email account and are monitoring your inbox for important communications. When a seat opens up for you then you will be offered that seat via your official student email account.

  • You are not automatically enrolled in a class because you are on the waitlist
  • You place yourself on wait lists during the registration process
  • Once you get an offer of an open seat, that offer is valid for 24 hours
  • Being on a wait list does not mean you are eligible to register - prerequisites will be screened only after a seat opens up for students to try and register and it is possible that you could have other registration problems that would prevent enrollment in a class, even though you may be offered a seat
  • Please remove yourself from the waitlist in eServices if you are no longer interested in that course
  • The course waitlists are turned off on the Sunday at midnight before the term begins. Email offers will be extended for up to 24 hours for the offers made before the waitlists are turned off. No offers will be made after the waitlists have closed. You are should monitor the class schedule for open seats during the remaining add/drop period. After the wait lists are turned off, any student is eligible to register for an open seat in a class.

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