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Wait lists are lists of students waiting to get registered for particular classes that are currently full.

Wait lists are lists of students waiting to get registered for particular classes that are currently full.

Students are kept in the order that they place themselves on the list and when a seat opens up, the first person on the list will be offered that seat (notified via their college email account).

  • Students are not automatically enrolled in a class
  • The offer of a seat is valid for 24 hours
  • Students place themselves on wait lists during the registration process
  • Being on a wait list does NOT mean you are eligible to register - prerequisites will be screened only after a seat opens up for students to try and register

It is possible that a student could have other registration problems that would prevent enrollment in a class, even though they are offered a seat.

The exact details of the process are as follows:

If a student puts themself on a wait list and receives an offer of an open seat, they have 24 hours to accept that seat. However, if that student's registration window is not open or they do not meet prerequisites for the class, they will receive a message stating that they are not able to register at the current time. The offer will expire for that student and the next student on the list will be given the open seat offer. The student whose window wasn't open will need to put themself back on the waiting list.

If students are searching for a class that happens to be full and does have the capability of wait listing, they will be able to click on the wait list icon that will move the course to their wait list section of their Plan. At the time the student chooses to add themself to a wait list, the system will display other sections with open seats they may wish to choose instead of wait listing. Existence of a valid email address is required and verified.

Students are notified by email and have only 24 hours to respond to an offer of an open seat. Students should remove themselves from wait if they are no longer interested.

The student at the top of the list is notified when a seat opens along with their deadline date and time for registration. The open seat is additionally displayed in “Review My Plan” on the e-Services registration pages.

The course waitlists are turned off the last business day before the term begins. No email offers for seats in classes are sent after the wait lists are turned off. Students are encouraged to monitor the class schedule. After the wait lists are turned off, any student is eligible to register for an open seat in a class.

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