All Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Metropolitan State Minneapolis campus buildings will close on Wednesday, Dec. 24 at 4:30 p.m. and remain closed on Thursday, Dec. 25. The campus will be open to employees only on Friday, Dec. 26.

The campus will resume normal hours on Saturday, Dec. 27.

Student Services

Pass/Fail Option

You may elect to take some courses on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis. To choose this option, you must select a P/F via web by the deadline date. If you're not sure whether or not this is a good option for you, discuss it with your instructor, a counselor or an advisor.

Keep the following key points in mind when considering this option:

  • If you choose the P/F option, you will not be allowed to petition at a later date to have the "P" grade changed to a letter grade on your transcript.
  • If you choose the P/F option and complete the course with a grade equivalent to "A," "B," or "C," you will receive a "P" on your transcript, which does not affect your grade point average (G.P.A.). If you complete the course with a grade equivalent to "D" or "F," you will receive an "F" on your transcript, which does affect your G.P.A.
  • The P/F option may not be taken for more than one course per term.
  • No more than one-third of your credit load may be "P" grades for certificates, diplomas or degree credit.
  • Courses with an assigned grade of "P" are not included in these restrictions.

The MCTC Campus

MCTC Campus

MCTC is located in the heart of a vibrant city, in an area rich with creative energy and economic activity, corporate headquarters, community organizations, social resources, arts, shops and restaurants.

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