Student Services

Replacing a Lost or Damaged Award

Students who earned a degree, diploma or certificate from MCTC should fill out a Request for Replacement Award form and submit it to the MCTC Registrar’s Office. Please note the following information:

  • MCTC orders awards from an off-campus printing vendor twice a year, usually (but not always) in February and August. Therefore, it may take several months for a student to receive their replacement award after the request form is submitted.
  • The name that is currently on the student’s record will be used on the replacement award. To change the name on a student record, official documentation of the legal name change is required.
  • A student transcript is the official document that verifies any credentials earned by the student. Before requesting a replacement, award (which may take several months to arrive) students are encouraged to consider whether an official transcript will suit their purposes.

MCTC cannot duplicate certificates earned for Nursing Assistant or Trained Medical Assistant. Students should contact the MN Department of Health for information on how to obtain a copy of those certifications.