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Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes


If you want to modify your class schedule either by adding, dropping or withdrawing from a class, you can do so via the web. Keep the following key points in mind:

  • Make sure you have your student ID and PIN.
  • Go to eServices, use your PIN and follow the directions. (If you are "blocked" from registering for a class, you may need to complete a Prerequisite Waiver Form.) To better serve our students, MCTC is updating the special registration form previously called the "Prerequisite Waiver Form." 
  • Make sure all your changes are recorded and your class schedule is changed.
  • Print out your modified class schedule for reference.

Note: MCTC will drop you from classes for nonpayment of tuition and fees. The Drop for Nonpayment policy has further details.

Adding a class

You can add a class to your schedule online in eServices. Some classes run the entire semester, other classes are short-term. Please refer to the course description you will find in the course schedule for the last day to add a course.

Dropping a class

When you drop a class, it is removed from your transcript as if you never registered and your tuition will be refunded. You must drop the class via the web; otherwise, you will receive a grade of "F". You will not be dropped automatically from classes that you do not attend.

Refer to the course description in the class schedule for the last day to drop a course. The deadline to drop short-term classes (which do not run the entire semester) will be different than the deadline to drop a full-term class.

Withdrawing from a class

When you withdraw from a class, you'll receive a "W" on your transcript and it will be calculated in your class completion rate. If this rate falls below 67 percent of your registered classes, you may face academic probation and suspension and it may affect your financial aid eligibility. If you believe that special circumstances entitle you to a refund, you must apply for a refund under MCTC refund policy guidelines.

At the time of registering for any class, the last date to withdraw is found in the course description. The last date a student may self-withdraw from a course varies on the length and start date of the course.

The deadline calculation to withdraw from short-term classes is shown below. The class schedule shows the withdraw deadline in each course’s description.

  • Classes 1-3 weeks in length: two days after the class begins.
  • Classes 4-6 weeks in length: ten days after the class begins.
  • Classes 7-9 weeks in length: four weeks after the class begins.
  • Classes 10-13 weeks in length: six weeks after the class begins.

When a student accidentally withdraws themselves from a course(s), they have 24 hours to contact the Records Office (T.2200) (612-659-6250) to be reinstated. After review of the student’s registration log, a determination will be made by the Registrar regarding reinstatement into a course. D2L access for any course will be available within 24 hours of a reinstatement into a course.

Course cancellations

The Office of Academic Affairs reserves the right to cancel a course or course section after the schedule has been published if the associate vice president of academic affairs determines that it would be in the best interest of the College. Students who registered for a course that has been cancelled will be notified via phone and mail.

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