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African American Education Empowerment Program (AME)

Creating pathways to educational success for students of color

The African American Education Empowerment Program (AME) consists of four distinct programs to create opportunities for the educational success of students of color who are attending Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC). Each AME program contributes to the retention, graduation and personal growth of students and empowers them to develop leadership skills through their education, mentoring opportunities and involvement in the college community, society, nation and world.

AME SymbolAME benefits include:

  • A supportive community that creates access/pathways to resources
  • Academic advising services to guide students from admission to graduation
  • Career development opportunities
  • Math and writing institutes
  • Peer and faculty tutoring
  • Study jams
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Sense of belonging

Student African American Brotherhood Brother2Brother (SAAB)

MCTC’s chapter of SAAB/Brother2Brother is part of a national organization designed to improve the academic outcomes and character development of African American male students, and others. The first chapter of its kind in Minnesota, SAAB at MCTC supports academic progress and character development so every member can achieve academic program completion while strengthening their role as an engaged and productive member of their community. Learn more about SAAB.

Student African American Sisterhood Sister2Sister (SAAS)

MCTC’s chapter of SAAS/Sister2Sister supports all MCTC students with a particular focus on African American females and females of color. SAAS is a dynamic and engaged group of women who are achieving college success, strengthening career preparation and improving personal development. Learn more about SAAS.

Student Success in Transition Education Program (STEP)

Building on a culture of excellence and inclusiveness, the MCTC STEP Program provides tailored support for the rapidly changing needs of today’s students. STEP focuses on increasing retention and graduation rates, personal development and transitional skills among ex-offenders or students moving from foster care to college.

African American Male Parity in Educational Success (AMP)

The road is filled with many obstacles that can make the college experience challenging for African American males. If you are an individual with a disability (including ADHD, mental health, physical, etc.) or are a student facing cultural and social challenges related to identity (i.e. GLBTQ or health issues), MCTC is focused on ensuring a positive, non-judgemental educational experience where students are supported as they achieve their goals.

AME Program Center

The AME Program center is available for students to meet one another, form study groups and participate in study skills workshops. The center is located in H.2650. Our welcoming and inclusive program center should be a regular stop when you are on campus.

For more information about AME, SAAB, STEP and AMP, please contact:
Todd Carlton

For more information about SAAS, please contact:
Andrea Hill

AME programs and initiatives are supported by MCTC students, staff, faculty and administration.


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