Student Life

Special Interest Clubs

ASL / Deaf Club

This club raises awareness and assists in welcoming deaf students to MCTC, as well as provide deaf culture analysis to existing ASL classes.
Advisor: Holly Baker, H.3308, 612-200-5232

Asian Student Association

The Asian Student Association shares Asian cultures and promotes diversity throughout the community.
Advisor: Chai Le, T.4312, 612-659-6563 and Charlotte Peterson, T.4300, 612-659-6141

Bike Collective

The collective organizes a community of people interested in biking. They provide informational workshops for members and students on riding, bike maintenance and safety.
Advisor: Russell Raczkowski, W.2102, 612-659-6534

Campus Recreation and Health

Open gym activities such as badminton, basketball, indoor bowling, racquetball, soccer, table tennis and volleyball are available. Check with Student Life Office (H.2900) for times. More information can be found here.
Advisor: Drew Rongere, B.0113, 612-659-6761

City College News

City College News is a student publication presenting news, features and viewpoints that are of interest to the student body.
Advisor: Benjamin Lathrop, H.2901 on Tues. at 3 p.m., 612-659-6796

Community Development Student Club

The Community Development Student Club develops and promotes social responsibility and community involvement of MCTC students by facilitating citizen participation.
Advisors: Lena Jones, H.1416, 612-659-6010 & Syd Beane, H.3301, 612-659-6000 x4000

Ethiopian Students Association

ESA contributes to the diversity at MCTC through various cultural events.
Advisor: Haile Haile, K.2607, 612-659-6044

FOMG Campus Ministry

This club aims to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all interested MCTC students and staff through Bible study, prayer, fellowship and the distribution of gospel literature.
Advisor: Valerie Deus, H.4118, 612-659-6478 and Shannon Gibney, H.4122, 612-659-6473

French Club

The French club provides French outside of the classroom and opportunities to learn more about the 39 cultures of the French-speaking world.
French Club Advisor: Madeleine Craig, H.3306, 612-659-5516

International Student Association

The ISA fosters understanding about diversity and the cultures among the MCTC community, provides assistance to new students and promotes the interest of international students.
Advisor: Kevin Kujawa, T.2500, 612-659-6705

JTMS Hapkido Club

The purpose of this club is to teach and improve knowledge of the traditional Korean Martial Art Hapkido.
Advisor: Ningsheng Huang, S.2550, 612-659-6000 x4059

Microlending Club

This club raises funds to support struggling entrepreneurs throughout the world.
Advisor: Robert Lusteck, H.1422, 612-200-5329 

Muslim Student Association

MSA unites in the religion of Islam to learn more, inform others and practice beliefs.
Advisor: Sidow Mohammed, H.4145, 612-659-6000

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club is a place where students can come together and discuss issues ranging from outer space to inner space, providing a forum for the free expression of thought and speech. They believe that providing this forum is vital because as Socrates said, "the unexamined life is not worth living." Please join them each Wednesday at 11:15a in W.1120.
Advisor: Maran Wolston, H.3303, 612-200-5323


PRIDE provides a safe space for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students and allies.
Advisors: Heidi Aldes, T.2500, 612-659-6531 and Bayla McDougal, K.1511, 612-659-6469

Sisters for Social Justice (and Brothers, too!)

Sisters for Social Justice offers students an opportunity to exchange ideas and participate in issues which affect women.
Advisor: Elizabeth Erredge, K.2100, 612-659-6176

Soccer Club

The Soccer Club provides an opportunity for students to play the game of soccer.
Advisor: Kent Fritz-Smead, H.2412, 612-659-6582

Socialist Club

This club discusses and organizes around the ideas of revolutionary socialism.
Advisor: Laura Andrews, F.1302, 612-200-5250

Somali Student Association

The Somali Student Association promotes and cultivates awareness through peer support, cultural activities and community outreach.
Advisor: Jamal Adam, T.2500, 612-659-6742

Students Against Hunger & Homelessness

SAHH works to fight hunger and homelessness, both on campus and in the greater community.
Advisor: Mary Ann Prado, H.2400, 612-659-6706

Student Veterans of America

The MCTC Chapter of the Student Veterans of America provides service to the Veteran's community, the MCTC community and our community as a whole. It also provides support for Veteran-specific needs and serves as a forum to inform student Veterans of opportunities.
Advisors: Miki Huntington, H.1405, 612-200-5288 and Joy Wise, H.2409, 612-659-6580

Student Air Traffic Control Association

The Student Air Traffic Control Association is a resource for current and prospective students to explore the field of air traffic control and aviation.
Advisors: Trena Mathis, A.216, 952-826-2420 and Todd Martenson, A.210, 612-659-6000

Student Senate

The Student Senate is the officially recognized voice of the student body by the College administration. The senate insures student involvement in the decision-making process of the college.
Advisor: Collin Beachy, H.2911, 612-659-6757

Three Legged Frog

Three Legged Frog is an environmental club actively working to improve awareness of environmental issues on campus.
Advisor: Cathy Geist, S.1520, 612-200-5239

Urban Farm Collective

The Urban Farm Collective works to promote gardening amongst its community members. They currently operate a community garden at 905 S. 4th Avenue (between 9th & 10th Streets).
Advisor: Katherine Kragtorp, S.3530, 612-659-6000 x4494

United Nations of Indian Tribes for Education

UNITE promotes cultural awareness of the American Indian people and supports all diverse groups within MCTC's surrounding communities.
Advisors: Janice Denny, T.2500, 612-659-6713

Xicanos Latinos Unidos

XLU serves as an agent for positive change and growth through communication and understanding among ethnic groups on campus.
Advisor: Jay Miskowiec, F.1309, 612-659-6091 

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