Student Life

Academic Interest Clubs

Addiction Counseling Club

This club facilitates the growth of tomorrow's counselors through networking, hands-on experience and advocacy in the field of chemical dependency.
Advisor: Jonathan Lofgren, K.1507, 612-659-6468

Ahhh Shoot! Photography Club

This club promotes student involvement in sharing technical and creative ideas with photography and to foster a creative network.
Advisor: Paul Sinkler, T.3502, 612.200.5428

Apparel Club

The Apparel Club enhances apparel education and creates opportunities for professional development in the apparel industry.
Advisor: Ellen Townes, T.5015, 612-200-5533 

Collegiate DECA

DECA's mission is to give members as many opportunities as possible in choosing, pursuing and advancing their careers, growing their professional networks and building their skill sets within the business world.
Advisor: Jason Cussler, M.1290, 612-200-5513

Computer Club

The Computer Club promotes the inquisition of computer related academics by facilitating events and activities, contributing to the community and advocating the computing environment on campus.
Advisor: Clara James, T.3066, 612.200.5287 

Education Majors' Union

EMU provides a forum for education and child development majors to share and discuss information, opinions, issues, strategies and professional opportunities in their fields.
Advisor: Kristine Snyder, H.1104, 612-659-6470

Engineering Club

The Engineering Club gives students an opportunity to get hands-on experience, advice about the field and visits to engineering facilities.
Advisors: Parke Kunkle, S.3330, 612-659-6068 and Joan Carter, K.2625, 612-659-6000

Math Club

The Math Club furthers students' interest in problem solving and mathematical theory.
Math Club Advisor: James Kolles, K.2626, 612-659-6000

MCTC Human Services Club

This club facilitates the growth of tomorrow's Human Services workers through education, networking, hands-on experiences and advocacy in the field of Human Services.
Advisor: Trina Givens-Henry, K.1504, 612-659-6985

Media Generation

This club provides information, education and support for students in filmmaking, video production, screenwriting and sound arts.
Advisor: Gregg Kubera, T.4030, 612-659-6066

Polysomnography Club

This club gathers and educates students and the college community about sleep and polysomnography.
Advisor: Chad Whittlef, K.2503, 612-659-4091

Science Club

The Science Club assists students in pursuing their interest in science programs. A sub-group of the Science Club is the Chem. Demons, a Chemistry demonstration group that learns and presents interesting and explosive chemical reactions.
Advisor: Bram Middeldorp, S.1580, 612-659-6089, Evan Kaneski, S.2530,, 612-659-6000 x 4031 and Jane Schultz, S.1560, 612-200-5391


SkillsUSA promotes professional advancement for students in trade, industrial, technical and health education programs.
Advisors: Greg Skudlarek, T.0217, 612-659-6424

STEM Career and Internship Club

The STEM Career and Internship Club helps students prepare for internships, job opportunities, higher education pathways and research fellowships, through job search and preparation activities, hands-on research projects, transfer agreements, partnerships with potential employers and universities.
Advisor: Dr. Rekha Ganaganur, S.3540, 612-659-6004 

Student Design Collective

The Student Design Collective promotes leadership, professionalism and networking opportunities for students in Graphic Design and Web and Interactive Media programs.
Advisor: Samantha Sather, T.3942, 612-659-6000 x4050

Student Nurses Association

This club builds community among nursing students and helps them further understand the discipline.
Advisors: Anne Cassens, H.5126, 612-200-5587 and April Morehouse, H.5130, 612-659-6157

Welding Club

This club aims to display their welding knowledge through practical and useful welding projects.
Advisor: Todd Bridigum, T.0215, 612.659.6054


MCTC’s DECA Club Partners with Twin Cities Rise

Decca Logo

DECA, a student-led business club at MCTC, partnered with the local non-profit Twin Cities Rise (TCR) in an all-day mock interview event held at TCR’s Minneapolis location on December 4, 2012.

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Balloon Launch

Parke Kunkle

Members of the MCTC Engineering Club collaborated on a project to send a balloon into near-space.

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