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Paying for College

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Other Costs and Fees

In addition to tuition and program costs there are other costs you may need to consider. This section will help you plan and budget for college by estimating college related expenses. The areas covered are:

The estimated textbook expense for a full-time student is $450 per semester. However, the actual cost of required books varies by course and individual situations. Many textbooks can be purchased used for a savings. The college bookstore publishes new and used textbook prices by course online. The bookstore arranges for a used book buy-back at the end of each semester which allows students the opportunity to recoup a portion of their book expense (not all titles are re-purchased and rates are determined by market).

Some courses require specific supplies and tools to complete the course. These items vary by course and are typically listed as part of the course description. Additional information is provided on the instructor’s course syllabus. In certain cases, these required supplies and tools can be purchased through the campus bookstore.

General school supplies vary by individual needs, but are an important part of a successful college budget.

Technology considerations such as personal computers, software and internet access vary by individual needs, but warrant consideration as part of your college budget. Include technology access in your plan particularly if you intend to take online courses. However most courses will require some computer access for participation. The technology fee included in the price of your courses provides you with various resources such as computer labs, printing and on-campus wireless internet.   

Transportation needs vary by individual situations, but are an important part of your college budget. You will receive the best prices by pre-paying your transit and parking needs. MCTC partners with Metro Transit to provide the subsidized Go-To College bus pass, additional information available in the campus bookstore. The college-owned parking ramp offers students affordable downtown parking at $2.50 per day (prepaid rate). Metered parking is available on several streets adjacent to campus. Additionally, MCTC is a bike-friendly campus.

Metro Transit
Parking at MCTC
Nice Ride MN

Is College Worth the Cost?

Liberal Arts / General Education

An op-ed piece in the Star Tribune discusses a recent report from the Pew Research Center showing the earnings gap between those with and without a college education is widening.

"Among 25- to 32-year-olds, the average annual income of college grads working full time is $17,500 more than those whose formal education ended with high school, Pew reported. College grads also are more likely to be working and more satisfied in their jobs. Those disparities “have never been greater in the modern era,” the report said.

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