Paying for College

Financial Aid Forms

2016-17 Financial Aid Forms

These forms should be used fall semester 2016–summer session 2017.

Additional information may be required to determine your eligibility for Minnesota State Grant funding. Submit this form if requested by the MCTC Financial Aid Office.

Complete the form online

A student is allowed to receive financial aid funding for credits taken at another institution (including study abroad) provided there is a consortium agreement between the two institutions.

Download agreement

To complete your FAFSA, you must officially sign it. You may sign it electronically at using your federal PIN. If you are not able to sign electronically with your PIN, you may sign and submit this form to the MCTC Financial Aid Office

Download FAFSA signature page

Additional information may be needed if you or your parents have untaxed income. Submit this form if requested by the MCTC Financial Aid Office.

Download Untaxed Income form

A student may want to make adjustments to their loans once they are certified. Use this form to cancel all or future disbursements or reduce past or future disbursements.

Download Loan Adjustment form

A student may be asked to provide verification of prior foster care placement of state ward status. This form can be completed by a social worker or other agency staff to verify foster care placement or state ward status.

Download Foster Care Verification form

A student may be asked to provide documentation or verification that they are an unaccompanied homeless youth or at risk of being homeless. This form can completed by a McKinney-Vento School District Liaison or a director or designee of a HUD/RHYA funded shelter.

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