Paying for College

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Tracking Your Application


While your financial-aid application is being processed, you can check its status and see if you need to take any actions.

Log on to e-Services and select Financial Aid.

You may see one of the following notations:

  • Ready for Letter – Phase 1: You will be asked for more information.
  • 1st Track Letter Sent – Phase 1: We have sent you a request for additional information. Nothing will move forward until you have submitted the documents.
  • 2nd Track Letter Sent – Phase 1: We have sent a second request.
  • EDE Corrections Transmitted: We have sent corrections to your FAFSA and should receive a response in five to seven days.
  • Ready for 1st Letter – Phase 3: Your application is being reviewed.
  • Ready for Packing Edits OR Award Notification: Your application is complete. Expect a financial aid award letter shortly.
  • Ready for Payment: You have been awarded financial aid. Grants will be disbursed. You may apply for a loan.
  • Applicant Cancelled OR Cancel Code: Your financial aid application has been cancelled. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.