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Paying for College



A scholarship is money for your education that is awarded by a nonprofit foundation, government agency or employer, often in support of the organization’s mission and goals.

Direct a scholarship donor to send the payment or notification of the award to Business Services by the tuition due date.

MCTC students have been awarded scholarships based on their academic achievement, career goals, employment and financial need. Here are some of the scholarships they have won and how to apply:

The Abbot Downing Scholarship was created in 2013 to assist students currently attending Minneapolis Community & Technical College or St. Paul College who plan to continue their education as business majors at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN. The scholarship is an annual award toward full-time study in business at Metropolitan State University and is renewable for a second year.

Learn more about the Abbot Downing Scholarship and application process.

The American Welding Society offers scholarship funds that, once awarded, are payable directly to the school to which you have been accepted. It will cover the cost of tuition, books, supplies and related institutional costs.

Learn more about the American Welding Society District Scholarships and application process.

EMPOWER Scholarships are open to ethnically diverse students for attendance at an institution of higher learning. The EMPOWER scholarships were established in 1994 and are made possible through the David Hersey Endowment Fund, thanks to the generosity of Adele Hersey and her family.

Learn more about the EMPOWER Scholarships and application process.

The purpose of the Mark M. Welter World Citizen Award is to provide an annual tribute to a Minnesota State Colleges and Universities student who most exemplifies the thoughts, words and actions demanded by a 21st century world citizen. Students must have graduated from high school prior to attending MCTC, be in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need.

What do I need to do?
Please turn in completed application along with your essay and recommendation letter to the Office of College Advancement (M.3000) by 3 p.m. on Monday, March 23, 2015.

If you have questions, please contact Amy McCarthy at 612-659-6313 or

The MCTC Foundation awards numerous scholarships each year to students in need as well as to students with high academic potential. Last year, the MCTC Foundation awarded nearly $250,000 in scholarships to low-income, high-achieving students. Complete scholarship application packets are due in M.3000 (located on the third floor of the Management and Education Center) on or before May 21 by 3 p.m. for consideration. Please contact the MCTC Foundation at 612-659-6313 with Foundation Scholarship questions.

The MCTC Foundation will offer three scholarships in the amount of $3,000 each for the summer 2015 Race in America program. Recipients are responsible for the remaining $300. Applicants need to demonstrate leadership ability and potential, an interest in the Civil Rights movement and current social justice struggles, commitment to advancing intercultural understanding on campus and beyond, an ability to connect one’s participation in the course to future goals, a high potential for success in the course and financial need.

Please note, the materials are due Monday, March 2.

2015 Race in America Scholarship Application

Students may also apply for scholarships for this program from HECUA. HECUA awards scholarships in the amount of $333.33 to students participating in its summer programs. Information about applying for a HECUA scholarship can be found here.

The National Science Foundation S-STEM grant awards scholarships each fall and spring semester to students in need as well as to students with high academic potential. The application deadline for spring 2016 is Dec. 4.

Please contact the directors of program, Dr. Renu Kumar, 612-659- 6047, or Maire Sustacek, 612-659-6493, for any questions related to the scholarship.

If you have physical, learning or emotional disabilities, the Vocational Rehabilitation Program may help with tuition, books, supplies and sometimes room and board.

What do I need to do?
Contact the Minnesota Workforce Center in your area. Students with visual impairments, contact State Services for the Blind.

Many Twin Cities companies, from small to large, reimburse their employees for educational costs. Is yours one of them? Each employer administers its program and sets the rules and procedures. Many employers require students to pay for their college costs up front, and then apply for reimbursement after completing the courses. Please note that you need to meet the usual tuition payment deadline.

What do I need to do?
Contact your supervisor or the human resources department of your employer.

Many scholarships are awarded by local businesses, service organizations and individuals to students who are graduating from high school.

What do I need to do?
Talk with your guidance counselor about scholarships in your community. Your high school is the best source of information about local opportunities and may even coordinate the applications.

If you are graduating from a Minneapolis or St. Paul public, alternative, or participating charter high school or from Brooklyn Center, Columbia Heights, Henry Sibley Senior High, North Senior High (North St. Paul), Richfield, Robbinsdale Cooper, Roseville Area Senior High, Simley Senior High, South St. Paul Senior High, Tartan Senior High or Woodbury Senior High you may qualify for the Power of YOU program which covers the cost of tuition and fees for two years or up to 72 credits at Minneapolis Community and Technical College or Saint Paul College.

Minnesota Indian Scholarships are awarded to Minnesota tribal members who are residents of the state and have financial need.

Tribal Indian Scholarships provide supplemental scholarships to recognized members of tribes in the United States.

What do I need to do?
Contact the American Indian Success Program.

Don’t stop there – keep looking!

Thousands of scholarships are awarded in the United States each year for a wide range of reasons. The secret of winning scholarships is often a connection between you and the reasons the organization is funding the scholarship. Search online for the scholarships at or

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