MCTC Choice Card

MCTC Choice Card

Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) has partnered with Higher One, Inc., a company that specializes in financial services for college students, to bring students the MCTC Choice Card. This card allows students the option to receive their refunds electronically. 

The decision to enter into this partnership came after a very successful pilot program at North Hennepin Community College and careful dialogue with the MCTC Student Senate. A vital key to this program, and one we have worked towards, is effective communication circulated to our students about the card. To that aim, we welcome dialogue regarding the process as well as the fee structure.

Both Higher One, Inc. and MCTC employees need to take continuing care with this program. MCTC will be monitoring the process to ensure it is functioning properly and works in the best interest of our students. To do so, MCTC is asking six student volunteers to serve on an advisory panel which will monitor Higher One's performance during the upcoming school year. Interested students should contact Christopher Rau, Director of Finance at 612-659-6890.

MCTC Choice Card facts

There have been numerous rumors about the MCTC Choice Card provided by Higher One and we’ve chosen to look at a few of the most prevalent ones that have come to our attention. If you or a student you know has any questions about the MCTC Choice Card, please come to Business Services so we may best address them.

Claim: Higher One charges higher fees than the competition.
Facts: Bretton Woods recently issued a report attesting to the fact Higher One’s fees are among the most inexpensive that a consumer can find and compare very favorably to regional and national banks. See the report here and Higher One’s fee schedule here.

Claim: Higher One makes it difficult to use a preexisting bank account.
Facts: Higher One initially required students to fax in a form when selecting another bank account but now offers our students a fully automated solution for utilizing their own bank for their college-related activity.

Claim: Choices are more limited with Higher One.
Facts: Higher One actually offers one more option than existed previously, the ability for a student to utilize the MCTC Choice Card. Students still have the ability to receive direct deposits into their own bank or to receive a check.

Claim: The College has made a decision to use Higher One indefinitely.
Facts: College administration intends to evaluate the services of Higher One on an ongoing basis and will only maintain this partnership if it concludes that Higher One brings benefit to our students.

Claim: Selecting a different bank delays funds transfer.
Facts: With Higher One, students banking at a different institution actually receive financial aid refunds two days earlier, on average, than before. One of the reasons for the College’s interest in partnering with Higher One was the speed with which funds can be distributed to our students and this has proven to be the case.

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